San Franciscans Get Free Condom Delivery

The state of San Francisco – via the California Family Health Council – is receiving funds from the Centers for Disease Control to mail condoms to teens (and 12 year olds) who can place their orders online.  The reason this venture was set up is because research indicated that some individuals were too embarrassed to get them from the actual clinics. San Francisco was chosen for this project as it ranked as one of the counties with the highest amount of STDs among older teens.

Not Real News

What should be recognized however, before all the critics start shouting their mouths off, is that it’s not like this hasn’t been going on for a while, just perhaps not with the easy access of them being delivered to your door: Since 1997, for example, the Stop AIDS Project has given away over 15 million condoms and millions of packets of lube. 

In addition, the Condom Access Project (CAP), run by the CA Department of Public Health’s STD Control Branch in conjunction with TeenSource is also facilitating condom access to teens.  To access free condoms, individuals over the age of 12 need to enter their zip, city and date of birth (proving they are over 12) on the TeenSource.org site and thereafter they will get access to a list of clinics nearby.

Critics are obviously complaining that this is just making teen sex too easy and accessible.  But that’s just ignorance.  Bottom line: if teens want sex they’ll have it. The best action we can take is to prepare them and keep them safe.  At least, that’s what proponents of this project are saying.  In addition, teens can order online and receive their condoms in a discreet envelope through the mail.

Specific San Francisco Criticisms

Other criticisms of the program are of a more practical nature however.  While this program is to make condoms available in Alameda, Kern, San Joaquin and Sacramento, it seems that it is less necessary to provide easier condom access to teenagers in San Francisco because of the above finding. It is just not difficult to get free condoms in the state of San Francisco as they have been readily available for a decade-and-a-half.  Indeed, a Student and Parent/Guardian Handbook issued by San Francisco in 2009-10 even commented: “high school students can secure condoms from licensed health care professionals or agencies at their school sites supported by health education.” 

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