Alpine Travel Works on Outer-Space Flights from Bay Area

Civilian flights to outer space sound like a science fiction novel, but for people living in the Bay Area, it may become a reality in the very near future.

Saratoga, CA’s Alpine Travel is one of 58 travel agencies teamed up with Virgin Galactic in efforts to send passengers to the very border between earth’s atmosphere and outer space.

Until now, the only people sent to space were professional astronauts, trained for years by organizations like NASA and sent on specific missions. Travel beyond earth’s atmosphere is reserved for research, not for personal entertainment. The Virgin Galactic project, however, is changing all that. Now, for $200k, the average (though wealthy…) person can book a flight on a space-skimming ship.

“Just to be able to sell space travel as a regular part of your business, really, just how cool is that?” said Lynda Turley Garrett of Alpine Travel. She added that “It’ll be just like scheduling a flight to L.A.” by 2017.

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