Apprentice Gardeners

San Francisco GardeningThe Recreation and Park Department of San Francisco is an organization which works to provide clean, safe and fun park experiences throughout the city. Committed to finding original ways to produce money while cutting costs, without profound service cuts, the department is getting ready to launch yet another experiment. 10 out of over 200 applicants will join the department’s staff as apprentices, who will learn the trade while supporting the 201 regular gardeners.

This program was developed with the help of Laborers Local 261, the representatives of the city’s parks gardeners. It has numerous advantages. For one, the parks will be able to increase their number of workers for a lower price. This does not only benefit the parks; more job opportunities are opened as well. The hands-on training will also look good on a resume, and will help the ‘apprentices’ find more employment opportunities. Throughout their training of 2-3 years, the participants will learn how to properly mow, weed, prune, dig and plant. They will also learn different methods of pest control and the clearing of illegal homeless encampments. The apprentices will start out making $27,612 a year, with increases reaching up to $49,088.

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