Cocktail Culture in the Bay

cocktailIt seems that San Francisco, has, over the years, been developing a name for itself as “among the best places to get a drink” nationwide. There is now a “culture of cocktails” in the bay area. While this is great news for cocktail lovers it is a bit sad for bar-frequenters who just want a drinking hole.

Indeed, two of the most popular dives in SoMa (South of Market, a large neighborhood in San Francisco) recently announced that they will be closing…this is following suit of many other such similar establishments that have had to shut up shop and watch new – some would say more sophisticated – owners take over due to rising rents and labor costs.

It seems that the lower end bars just can’t keep pace. In their stead are the “shiny new cocktail bars,” that it seems is making San Francisco famous. One such example is Cate’s ‘Whitechapel.’ Based on his love for London’s Whitechapel Station and the many abandoned stations that form part of the London Underground, Cate wanted to “bring his whimsical gin fantasia to life.” Together with Ignacio Gonzalez, a ho rod builder and metal worker from San Jose, and some 1890s period photos of the station, he developed this bar.

And the effect has been “transportive,” as one leaves San Francisco behind and feels like they are entering London back in the day…

So with the cocktail culture spanning through the streets of San Francisco, comes quite a new ambiance, that is being loved and appreciated by many people, tourists and locals alike.

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