Getting Rich in San Francisco

lotteryPerhaps the local Safeways in San Francisco is about to get a lot more visits. Maybe Safeways can ditch their marketing efforts now, ever since Sergey Osipyan won $5 million when he bought a lottery ticket at Safeway’s 730 Taraval Street location. His winning marked the highest prize of the Max-A-Million Scratchers.

Apart from the awesome publicity this will give the store, that Safeways wins financially immediately too. Because they sold the winning ticket, the store owners are to receive a retailer bonus of $25,000 for the sale.

Just earlier this month San Francisco hit the news when a glitch on the computer shut down lottery terminals throughout California. However, the scratch off tickets were still being sold but this didn’t prevent the 350 (out of 22,000) stores that were closed down – some for as long as five hours.

Just a couple of months ago another lucky individual in San Francisco benefited from a gambling event. Having found $20 outside on the street of the San Francisco International Airport one day, Bay area bartender Hubert Tang decided to buy two $1million jackpot scratchers tickets at a San Mateo County store. It was the first time he’d bought a ticket in a decade!

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