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transportHow hard and how expensive is it these days to get around the bay area? Parking in San Francisco has never been an activity welcomed with glee but at least parking meters have never caused too much of a financial strain. Indeed, for the first time in 7 years, the price will be raised and this was only because the city was “forced to eliminate a service charge for those using credit cards to pay.” Truthfully most Frescans are just delighted if they find a spot; if they overcome that feat, a little jump in payment won’t be killing anyone.

In other news, it seems that San Francisco’s transportation fleet completed the process for replacing its very non-environmentally-friendly petroleum diesel for a much more green alternative. This news came from Ed Lee, the Mayor of San Francisco whose office reported that such a move is “estimated to slash the greenhouse gas emissions from the fleet’s diesel vehicles by 50 percent, or 50,000 metric tons.” In turn, the air pollutants that potentially impair the health of local residents, will be reduced.

Ed Reiskin, SFMTA Director of Transportation concluded that: “this change to renewable diesel reflects the high value that the SFMTA places on sustainability and recognition of our role in addressing climate change through sustainable transportation. Even though Muni already has one of the greenest bus fleets in the country, we remain committed to making our system even cleaner and more efficient.”

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