Is San Francisco for Everyone?

San Francisco-GG BridgeSan Francisco tries to be a place that is suitable for both rich and poor. But recently the middle was added as well, making it a “city for everyone.” With this, Mayor Ed Lee spoke about trying to increase the availability of middle class jobs, in particular those in the manufacturing industry.

Moving over to housing, Lee spoke about additional funding for those in the middle income bracket. The problem with the economic boom is that the middle class has been somewhat overlooked. This is both in terms of jobs and housing.

The middle class in San Francisco have been asking for this kind of attention for a long time. But what’s happened recently is that the Mayor is now making it a focus. He said “I think everybody assumed the middle class was moving out.”

So what’s happening in San Francisco is that more than double the allotted units for above moderate earners was added but only half of the housing needed for low income residents was allotted. And moderate earners were only able to choose from a mere 19 percent of what should be in place.

Work still needs to be done for San Francisco’s middle class. Lee is right to be focusing on this, in election year.

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