Ice-Cream Rolls? Yes Please!

Thai rolled ice cream is becoming very popular in the Bay Area.  Initially popular in Thailand, the stir-fried ice cream (also known as I tim pad), the trend has moved throughout Asia and now into America, in particular, San Francisco.  Indeed, three stores have opened selling this product in San Francisco in as many months.

One example of these stores is the franchise Icicles which has a slew of locations around Peninsula, South Bay and East Bay.  Now, there are plans for the franchise to open up its very first San Francisco branch, in Sunset District, named Let’s Roll.

It seems like that one reason this frozen treat is so popular is because people love watching it being rolled since the process is quite hypnotic.  It’s not churned (like regular ice cream) but the liquid base is poured into an anti-griddle (a device for extremely low temperatures) paint-scraper looking spatulas then spread it in a thin layer across the tray and in moments it is frozen. It’s a bit like watching the creation of an icy crepe. At that point the frozen sheet is scraped into cigar-like rolls and then the flavors and toppings are added. It’s a speedy process too: from start to finish, it’s around four minutes!

So for something different, check out Let’s Roll!

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