San Francisco: Where Vegas Meets Classical

classical-musicClassical music is to be played in a Vegas environment in a San Francisco location. The San Francisco Symphony is attempting to use SoundBox to get in a younger crowd of people to its performances. Right now, classical music isn’t hitting so well with the younger kids so by opening up a Vegas-style mega haven, it is hoped that this will change that. Instead of its average guest being 60+ perhaps it will become more like 16+.

It seems to be working. Performances are being sold out. Something different is being heard – a mix of traditional and modern sounds, within a casual hi-tech atmosphere. It certainly has something alternative to offer. Both in terms of hip-hop Vegas and classical music style! Indeed, as the San Francisco Symphony’s executive director Brent Assink said, “defying expectations of a standard concert experience is really what this space is all about.”

Perhaps Assink is right. The ticket sales seem to be speaking for themselves.

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