San Francisco: Getting Top Marks

San FranciscoSan Francisco is a great place to live. The people who live there know it and now it’s being proved statistically. According to the most recent results from WalletHub, out of 300 cities San Francisco ranked in the top 30 for the healthiest housing markets. When it comes to affordability as we all suspected, San Francisco didn’t fare quite as well, coming in at No. 156 for affordability and economic environment.

Moving over to technology a Savills World Research report took a look at 12 international tech cities on the following areas: quality of life, talent, property prices, etc. San Francisco got an overall result of 2 (1 being the best, 10 the worst) so again did really well. The city is earning a reputation for having great venture capitalists, positive legal and tax frameworks, top networking capacities to other global tech hubs, and more. All of which make for an attractive technological work environment with promotional potentials.

Furthermore, another study found that San Francisco was included the top ten cities in America in which to raise children. According to Healthline, San Francisco came in Number 9 on a list analyzing data for the best schools, hospitals, lowest crime rates, highest job availability and housing prices.

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