Bad News for SF Transit Operators

San Francisco Transit operators might not get their end-of-the-year bonuses this year. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is facing another deficit in the coming fiscal year, and officials are attempting to cancel the payments. The bonuses are taken from a trust fund created for transit operators, and have reached as much as $3,000 in recent years.

Muni spokesperson Paul Rose shared that this year the bonuses would cost the agency around $3.5 million. The operating budget for the year is $776 million. Debra Johnson, the director of administration at the agency, presented the financial issues in a memo to the operators’ union. She suggested that some of the money from the trust fund may be available after negotiations. “We invite you to bargain over what amount, if any, that the SFMTA shall contribute to the trust fund for the current fiscal year,” she wrote.

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