Bay Area Celebrates 75th Anniversary of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

Yesterday, the Bay Area celebrated the 75th anniversary of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

When it first opened, the bridge was the longest in the world, and remains one of the busiest until today. In his keynote speech, Angelo J. Rossi, SF’s mayor in 1936, said “Today and forever, we are welded with a span of steel.”

The bridge stretches 8.4 miles from San Francisco to Oakland. Technology did not allow a single bridge to link the island to the city, so engineers built an enormous concrete anchorage in the center of the bay, and used it to connect two identical bridges. The solution was called “absolutely unique” by E.R. Mike Foley, a former chief bridge engineer.

Once it was completed, the bridge was described as “the crowning achievement of California history… the fulfillment of a cherished dream… the greatest wonder if the Western world” by The Chronicle.

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