Bay Area Loses First High-Speed Rail Line

San Francisco High Speed RailSo, the first section of the light-rail train line will be built in the middle of Central Valley farmlands, far from the urban areas of San Francisco and Anaheim.

Residents and officials have claimed that the train will result in noise and pollution near the 800-mile stretching across the peninsula, and have even filed lawsuits. Following the opposition that had arisen in the San Francisco-San Jose locals, federal supervisors have decided that the first 4.3 billion dollars will be spent on connecting Fresno with either Merced or Bakersfield, as was announced by the California High-Speed Rail Authority on Thursday. Nothing will be running on those rails, however, until they are linked with more public areas. A current member of the rail authority’s board of directors stated that he and numerous others are extremely disappointed in the decision. “It’s heartbreaking for me and many others who have been working for that to happen for up to 30 years,” he said.

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