Better Place Taxis in San Francisco

This past week, Better Place broadcasted their plan to bring their electric taxis to the Bay area in California. Better Place’s taxi program began last April in Tokyo, with support from Tokyo’s main taxi operator, Nihon Kotsu Co. Better Place successfully created a fleet of taxis that run on electricity instead of fuel, and is now focusing on the ideal means of recharging these battery-run cars.

Better Place is currently entertaining the possibility of an automated battery-switch method, as rapid recharging causes the batteries to wear out faster, and taxis cannot waste the hours it would take to recharge their batteries at a slower pace. Therefore, Better Place will build 4 Battery Switch Stations, which serve as gas stations for electric cars. At these stations, the vehicles drive up a raised ramp where the worn out battery is replaced with a new one in under five minutes.

These cars are intended to help lessen pollution and lower the level of carbon dioxide which is released into the air on a daily basis. The Vice President of North America for Better Place stated that the program’s advancement into the Bay area will enable them “to reach a broad audience and demonstrate a solution that offers drivers a more convenient option than today’s gasoline cars.”

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