Bluewolf Announces Project Aimed at Reducing Unemployment

During Dreamforce 2011 in San Francisco this week, business consulting firm Bluewolf announced its new project aimed at reducing the US’s unemployment rate by providing public training programs for IT and business professionals.

Inspired in part by the recent McKinsey & Company report, the project joins many other hoping to create 21 million jobs throughout the US, in order to restore pre-recession employment levels. Bluewolf’s vice president Corinne Sklar added that there is a “talent gap” in the States, and there is a shortage of people with expertise for a number of roles.

Bluewolf’s training program will include workshops such as:

  • Role-based classroom training, which focuses on various functions and abilities within an organization, such as Salesforce Administrator training.
  • Bluewolf office hours, which is based on Apple’s Genius Bar. Participants will get one free hour every week for up to three months to discuss and learn from a Bluewolf expert after completing public training.
  • eLearning, which provides simple, easy-to-understand content on the internet.

Sklar added that many people would have trouble finding the same quality of information that Bluewolf will provide. For the time being, courses will be offered in New York, San Francisco and Minneapolis.

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