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palace-fine-arts-museum-san-francisco-7819063Many art-lovers want others to appreciate what they see in this industry as much as they do. Two such individuals who have managed to do this over the last few years are Barrett Wissman, of Los Angeles, California, and Colin Bailey of San Francisco.

With his business acumen, Barrett Wissman has been “leading a paradigm shift in [the] performing arts monopoly.” It is his mission to “have more and more people enjoy and love the arts.” As such, Wissman has been creating festivals, backing art programs and more.

As Gulf Elite explained, “With 500 artists, 200 specialists, 30 years of experience, 10 offices, 6 divisions, 5 continents, Barrett invested time and effort into turning the company from a one among many to a leading player in the performance art scene. The story doesn’t end here. Barrett Wissman helped turn IMG artists into a comprehensive one stop shop firm for art. Among the services IMG put in place are Ballets, events planning and recently the world’s largest fireworks celebration in Dubai. IMG manages some of the greatest companies spanning across the discipline, from the grand Bolshoi Ballet and National Ballet of Canada to the innovative LA Dance Compnany, Gallim and Ballet Black. IMG also books and manages tours for the world’s most prestigious orchestras and ensembles including the Vienna Philharmonic, The Cleveland orchestra and the London symphony orchestra.”

For Colin Bailey, revamping art for the masses has become his work over the years. The Renoir scholar-curator is today the director of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. The institution has been specializing in bringing in hugely popular shows, often paying up to seven figures for them. Over the last ten years or so, this has resulted in a huge increase in household memberships, up to more than 100,000. As well, annual attendance has gone over 1.6 million. This has resulted in the institution becoming the fourth most visited museum in the whole of America.

Another part of what Bailey is trying to do is redesign the museum’s website artwork database, as well as collection-building.   He is also organizing a show to depict the work of three little known 17th century French realist painters who have not been shown in detail since a survey that took place in Paris back in 1979.

Making art accessible to the masses is a wonderful project, beneficial to all as Barrett Wissman, Colin Bailey and many others are proving in their work.

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