Businesses Riled By Britney’s Upcoming SF Performance

Britney Spears is expected to perform in the Castro District of San Francisco on the morning of the release of her most recent album “Femme Fatale.” The concert is to air on Good Morning America on March 29th, much to the dismay of local business owners. As a result of the show, area buses will be redirected, streets will be blocked and parking opportunities will disappear.

“It’s going to be a disaster for business,” explained Cliff’s Variety’s Terry Asten Bennett. “Our business depends on people being able to get to us, so they probably won’t be able to get to us that day.”

One Week Away

The area will be shut down on March 27th in preparation for the performance, which includes stage and lighting setup. While many business owners agree with Cliff’s Variety, there are those who feel that the additional foot traffic is a positive thing.

“Even if it hurts business, I think it will be more valuable to the area,” said the president of Castro District’s Mollie Stone’s Market.

The show is expected to draw up to 50,000 people. Britney has promised that “it’ll be a morning to remember.”

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