Buying a Home in Florida

pier-39Today, Florida is becoming increasingly popular for those looking to purchase a second home. Indeed, according to a report by the Association of Property Professionals (AIPP), it is America’s “number one destination with second homebuyers.”

Perhaps this shouldn’t be surprising with all that the state has to offer.   Florida is well known for Disney World, Sea World and Universal Studios, making it a great vacation spot. And for San Franciscans, they can feel right at home given that it is a mirror image of Tampa Bay – San Francisco is IN the peninsula, and Tampa is in the OUTER side, in mainland. As well, San Francisco Bay’s mouth is north of the state while Tampa Bay’s mouth is south of the region. Tampa Bay features Pier 60 and San Francisco is known for Pier 39 – these are just some of the similarities between the two states. Thus, it might not be surprising that San Franciscans will feel right at home making Florida their vacation rendezvous.

And if they are going to make it all about vacations, they may as well do it in style. One of the state’s most up-and-coming projects, developed by Vladimir Doronin and Ugo Colombo might be just the ticket. The project – to be erected in Florida’s Brickell area – will feature over 550 luxury residential units, restaurants and retail space spanning 40,000 square feet, a pool on the 65th rooftop floor, as well as a fitness center with 360 degree views of the Miami landscape.

So, there is every reason (and then some) for San Franciscans to look into Florida as a place to make their second home these days.

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