Car Parking Assistance

San Francisco is inherent for insufficient parking spots. It’s a great city with phenomenal features but – perhaps because there is so much going on the whole time – it can be a real challenge when it comes to one parking their car.

This may soon become an issue of the past. Thanks to Luxe, people in San Francisco will be able to get help parking their cars. Here’s how it works: before setting out, the user needs to inform Luxe of their destination. Luxe then estimates one’s ETA and then when one arrives, a Luxe employee meets them. They then take the car and find a parking spot, leaving the user free of that hassle.

It’s really a great program for those who value their time, especially given that it’s only $5 per hour, or $15 per day.

For those interested in this start-up parking service, the program can be downloaded here:

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