Charges Dropped Against Deshon Marman, But the Saggy Pants Spat Continues

Criminal charges against Deshon Marman, the now-famous University of New Mexico football player, have finally been dropped. The whole affair began with a confrontation with the police after Marman was thrown of a plane at San Francisco International Airport because of his baggy pants.

“We do not believe that criminal charges are warranted in light of the circumstances surrounding the incident,” said District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe.

Marman’s attorney Joe O’Sullivan has stated that the football player is planning to sue US Airways. He explained that the San Franciscan has been forced to deal with “a great deal of diversity” as well as public humiliation which would have been avoided if the airline had tried to resolve the issue. Sullivan added that they have not yet apologized for the incident, nor have they reimbursed Marman for the $500 flight he missed.

The airline is sticking by its crew, however, and does not appear to have an apology in mind. Andrew Christie, US Airways spokesperson, said “The crew acted professionally in dealing with this important situation.”

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