Christmas Cards are Back in Fashion

For some time, partly due to the escalation and ease of e-cards, many people stopped sending Christmas cards, or sent way fewer.  They were received only for those who were not web-savvy, like the elderly.  But it seems that Christmas 2012 things are changing.  At least that has been the experience of two Bay Area chains of greeting card stores, Greetings and Avant Card.

Given the fact that these days the majority of one’s mail is filled with junk or bills, it is such a nice surprise to get a Christmas card amongst all of that and this sentiment is what people are returning to. They look great on fireplace mantels as well and in truth, are so much more meaningful than an e-card.

Of course, this trend is not exclusive to San Francisco.  The US Postal Service has noted an escalation in seasonal Christmas mail from last year, following unwavering drops each year for the last six years.  But what has to be taken into account is that a great deal of the increase in mail is due to packages (as opposed to Christmas cards, although there could be Christmas cards inside the packages).  There has been a 20 percent increase in package volume compared to 2011, which is indicative of a healthier economy as well as enhanced trust in online shopping.

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