Clinic By the Bay

Barbara Quinn is a 72 year old nurse who retired last year. She has spent the past year going through various volunteer positions only to realize she couldn’t see herself doing anything but nursing, and so she joined the Clinic By the Bay team. She is one of many retired health care providers to team up with clinics such as these. The free clinic opened yesterday in San Francisco, and is intended to provide health care for the uninsured in Excelsior and Outer Mission neighborhoods as well as parts of Daly City.

This is the first “Volunteers in Medicine” clinic to open in Northern California, and the 82nd in the United States. It is a sixteen-year-old organization which sets up clinics in underserved areas, with the staff being primarily retired doctors, nurses, physical therapists and other retired health care providers who volunteer. The Clinic By the Bay is a project that has been in the works for almost 12 years now. Janet Reilly, president of the clinic’s board of directors, added that the clinic is ideal for both the patients and the staff, as many other volunteer health positions require international travel, which is difficult for some retirees.

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