ConferencePlus Collaborates with Teen Screen’s Webinar Program

Westell Technologies’ subsidiary ConferencePlus, Inc. recently opened collaboration with the Teen Screen National Center for Mental Health Checkups at Columbia University in support of the program’s webinar program.
“Our webinars have become a key cornerstone of our service to primary care health professionals and other constituencies who share our commitment to adolescent mental health,” said TeenScreen’s Patricia Garrison. “We have doubled our attendee base, and increased our webinar frequency. The ease of the platform interface and the support of the ConferencePlus Healthcare Team has helped us achieve those milestones.”

Teen Screen, a non-profit organization which aims to incorporate mental health screenings into routine health care, provides live and on-demand content to primary care givers, schools and community programs through their webinars. The expansion of the project called for a partner with more resources in technology and customer support, so they turned to the global conferencing giant ConferencePlus, and their Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Services Team.

This branch of ConferencePlus specializes in creating and delivering communications solutions for the medical industry. In addition to Teen Screen’s new webinar interface, the company has developed key opinion leader training, virtual advisory board meetings, medical sales staff and training, online CME activities and more.

Ms. Garrison of Teen Screen said “Our ability to provide engaging and relevant content has improved dramatically through our work with the ConferencePlus Healthcare Team. Their attention to detail, technological support and sophistication has truly modernized our webinar platform and made it easier for our audiences to connect.”

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