Conserving Water Becomes Costly in the Bay Area

San Francisco Bay Water UseWater use in the Bay Area has dropped by approximately 23 million gallons daily since 2008. . It’s not that there is a shortage of water, just the opposite, in fact; the area has seen more rainfall than usual. Supposedly, this is the result of many people trying to lower their monthly bills- too bad it might have the opposite effect. Though the consumers have done a remarkable job conserving water, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has taken a bad hit. Salaries in the commission have already been cut by 4.6%, and an inevitable hiring freeze has been issued as well.

Presently, the commission receives $1.90 for 100 cubic feet (748 gallons), but to make up for the loss the commission might have to raise the price to $2.09 by next year. Depending on the result, the rate might be further increased by as much as 10%. The commission is a non-profit organization, and is therefore bound from raising charges in purely to increase the income. The commission is still working on the problem, trying to find a rate that will return their previous revenue without upping the bills of water-conservers. If rates need to be continually increased, the customers will be notified in advance.

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