Creative Writing Workshops

Creative writing workshops know no bounds.  They are ageless; they are non-discriminatory vis-à-vis talent; one does not need to learn a set “style” – anything goes.  That is probably why these days they are cropping up everywhere: from India to Ireland; America to Afghanistan and everywhere in between.  Indeed, the motto of the Afghan Women’s Writing Project is “To Tell One’s Story is a Human Right,”  indicating that no-one should be denied this opportunity.

So for those who are not yet comfortable with the concept of creative writing, what can they do and how can they start enjoying this “human right”?  Writers such as Collier Nogues, Seth Fischer and Louis Mathias in the Bay Area have read their works for audiences, encouraging creative flow from their audience.  As well, currently in Berkeley, the Writing Salon is holding various courses.  First, there is a course on Sundays led by Karen Bjorneby entitled “Starting Your Novel: Get a Foothold on your Project” for 5 weeks from November 11 to December 16th (which she is also doing on Tuesdays).  Also on Sundays in San Francisco, there is another 5 week course led by Patricia Cotter entitled, “Playwriting 101: A Crash Course in Writing for the Theater & Beyond.”

Creative writing course should not be limited to those in a typical student framework.  Even though Seth Fischer does teach classes at the Antioch University Los Angeles, he also leads workshops throughout the LA area, for anyone.  And this is the case for many fiction writers like him.  For example, the Creative Writing Course at the University of East Anglia has been gaining significant popularity over the last few years – one that many non-university budding writers would love to attend.  Well, now that dream could come true as the UEA is launching its first international writing program in March 2013.  According to course director Amit Chaudhuri,

“it’s the first of its kind in long-term projects, the first in India, and based on how it is received, we plan to do another short workshop in August 2013.”

Indeed, why shouldn’t everyone have the opportunity to write, as the women in Afghan so astutely point out?

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