Dry Bar San Francisco: Changing the Fashion Equation

San Franciscans have undoubtedly been thrilled with the new addition to Fillmore Street; Dry Bar San Francisco! The salon, located at 1908 next to the fro-yo shop Fraiche, is definitely a rewarding, guilt- free outing for girls of all ages.

Following their slogan “No cuts. No Color. Just Blowouts,” the Dry Bar staff focuses on acing that one thing. Devoted entirely to a wash and a blowout from a selection of styles, Dry Bar is the first to offer a beautifying and affordable experience to women everywhere, and with a drink on the side! With celebrity fans like Whitney Port, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Molly Sims, Dry Bar San Francisco is bound to blossom quickly into one of the leading locations in the country.

Alli Webb, one of the founders of Dry Bar said “We’re super selective. We seek out stylist who are not only fabulous with a brush and blow dryer, but amazing with customers.”

Cindy Crawford, a fan of the salon, said: “What a simple straightforward concept- and what’s not to love about a blowout at this price?” And Paige Appel added “Dry Bar is god send! I have already been three times and every single girl who did my hair got it perfect. I’m now a devoted ‘Barfly.’ The price is perfect, the space is gorgeous, and the stylists are top notch.”

A wash and a blowout costs $35, and the options include the ever popular, signature ‘Straight Up,’ the beachy ‘Mai Tai,’ the romantic, voluminous ‘Southern Comfort,’ the sexy ‘Cosmopolitan,’ the classic straight ‘Manhattan’ and the adorable ‘Shirley Temple.’

Extras include a scalp massage, an updo (called an “UpTini”), “Hair Shot” hair repair, and even blowouts at home! The blowouts come with a selection of cocktails, and sometimes even brunch. Dry Bar loves to host parties as well. Be it a Sweet Sixteen or a Bridal Shower, Dry Bar San Francisco parties will always be unique and unforgettable.


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