Eastwood’s Hereafter “One of the Best Things He’s Ever Done”

Clint Eastwood’s newest film Hereafter was described by critics as “one of the best things he’s ever done.” The movie’s plotline is unique and more compassionate than many expected, and the special effects are considered to be the most realistic and convincing of our time. The story focuses on Matt Damon’s character, a San Franciscan construction worker who has the ability (is it a curse?) to contact the dead, and his connection with a woman and a young boy who seek answers and redemption from their recent experiences. George (Damon) leaves San Francisco in an effort to somehow escape from his gift, as well as from various strangers’ pasts, while French woman Marie struggles to understand what she saw after she drowned in Thailand during the 2044 tsunami. Marcus, a young boy, is desperate to contact his twin brother, who was killed while trying to escape some thugs in the streets of London.

Not Meant to Play to the Common Denominator

Though most approved of the film, Eastwood seemed almost defensive while discussing the piece. He explained that the story was intended to depict a gradual process, and that he had hoped to remind viewers of the beauty of subtlety. The movie was certainly not meant to fit into the computer-game venue. He told the Canadian Press that “In this MTV generation that we live in, I like to think it’s something that I still like to embrace: that we actually unfold the stories and get to know the people and get to know a little more detail about them, rather than play to the common denominator or the lack of attention span that sometimes people feel now.”

Nominated for an Oscar for Visual Effects

Despite Hereafter’s incredible tsunami scene, which wowed even the most critical critics, Hereafter did not win the Oscar for Visual Effects. It was nominated to compete against Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I, Iron Man 2 and Inception. The award was given to Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster Inception, which also received the Visual Effects Society’s Award, as well as a BAFTA Award.

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