New Electric Car Mitsubishi i Arrives in San Francisco

A new electric car has arrived in the Bay Area: the Mitsubishi i. In a transaction with local dealer San Rafael Mitsubishi, the car manufacturer has delivered its first fleet of all-electric 2012 ‘i’s to City CarShare in the San Francisco Bay Area. The non-profit organization works to promote creative, cost-effective transportation options to support the environment.

“We are very pleased to introduce the all-electric Mitsubishi i into our fleet. This vehicle brings us one step closer toward our goal of having 50% of our fleet run on alternative fuel as part of our mission to decrease carbon emissions in the Bay Area,” said City CarShare CEO Rick Hutchinson.

According to Mitsubishi, the company has already received “numerous” fleet orders for the miniature i, though they don’t have expectations for general sales as of yet.

San Francisco puts a significant focus on electric cars, and hopes to become known as the “Electric Vehicle capital of the United States.” As a means to achieve that goal, the business leaders and area representatives launched the EV Strategic Council with $5 million in funding. The council aims to open the city to electric transportation by developing and building infrastructure to allow the vehicles’ incorporation into daily life. Vehicles have arrived from Nissan, GM, Tesla, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Ford and BMW.

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