“Emerging Growth Award” Goes to VerticalResponse, Inc.

VerticalResponse, Inc., was honored with the “Emerging Growth Award” by Recology and Wells Fargo as a small business or company that has shown its creative and advanced abilities, experienced development, and has been newly recognized as a leader of its industry.

VerticalResponse, Inc. is indeed a leading provider of online surveys, self-service email marketing and direct mail solutions. They have developed innovative design, editing and formatting tools which save both time and money. Customer demands are endlessly increasing, and VerticalResponse, Inc. has doubled its customer service staff and added channels like social media in order to provide customers with more service every day of the week. Their marketing is combined with social media to extend customer interest as well, and is also a part of Google Apps Marketplace, so Google Apps users can easily build new email lists and make use of the email marketing tools.

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