Employment Looking Up for Bay Area Techies

Certainly, this news should help Bay Area techies to sleep a bit more easily.  A new study commissioned by NOVA, a Sunnyvale-based economic development agency, has predicted that tech hiring in the Bay Area in 2010 will outpace other industries.  This could translate to the creation of 28,000 new jobs in tech.

Approximately 58% o the tech companies that were part of the survey said that they plan to hire more workers this year.  Only 2% said that they expected to make cutbacks. In total, BW Research surveyed 50 tech companies in the South Bay, Peninsula and San Francisco areas. These included everything from Fortune 500 companies to start up tech firms.

As Josh Williams, the  president of BW Research, said about the findings,

“High tech is one of the industries you really want to be in. There is real demand to hire technology workers.”

At the same time, the survey showed that there are two distinct economies in the Silicon Valley.  As Williams said, “Tech is growing. But there are certain parts of the economy that are still shrinking.

Unemployment figures in Santa Clara County in October was at 9.8%, in contrast to 3% for tech workers in the Bay Area.

As Brad Kemp, director of research with Beacon Economics added,

“This is a perfect example of a core industry that is leading a recovery.”

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