Feeling Competitive, The Bay Area Has Quakes of Its Own

Earlier this week, the east coast experienced a 5.8-magnitude earthquake that originated in Virginia. Panic ensued, and millions of people took to the streets as the tremors reached as far as the Carolinas. Buildings were evacuated, memorials closed early, and news outlets buzzed for hours.

Meanwhile, San Franciscans and other Californians took jabs at the east coast all over the web. A popular Twitter post from Ayelet Waldman expressed the general feeling of the west coast, stating “The collective eye-rolling of everyone in California is probably moving the earth more than the east coast earth quake.”

In response, the tectonic plates along the Hayward Fault gave the Bay Area a shake of its own, resulting in a 3.6 quake which struck at 11:36 pm, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. A few minutes later an additional 2.3 quake was felt as well.

By 8:30 am yesterday, USGS’s Did You Feel It? Map had been updated several hundred times, and users responded stating that the jolt lasted around two seconds. Aftershocks felt throughout the night were also reported, as well as a 2.7 jolt near Yorba Linda in Orange County.

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