Four Reindeer Join San Francisco for the Holidays

The San Francisco zoo is once again hosting Holly, Peppermint, Belle and Velvet, the much-loved reindeer, for the holidays. Some believe that the friendly foursome, having just arrived from Redmond, Oregon, is just resting before their long night on December 24th when they will be pulling Santa’s sleigh around the world. Some of the children suggested decorating the reindeers’ antlers with lights, bells, snowflakes and holly.

The zoo uses the caribou visits as a means of education. Jim Nappi, the zoo’s assistant curator of hoof stock, explained that many areas in North America use reindeer as working animals. He added that caribou conduct the biggest annual migration on the continent. Mike Gallaspie, owner of the reindeer ranch in Redmond, also explained a bit about reindeer habits and personalities.  The reindeer will be on display at the zoo until January 1st.

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