Free Posture Advice in San Francisco

San Franciscan chiropractor Dr. Eben Davis is gathering his team to offer free lessons to both Embarcadero Center tenants and Financial District office workers on the connection between health and good posture, starting July11th.

According to Dr. Davis “Most people are not aware of the damaging effects of poor posture on their long term health, or how to maintain healthy posture habits. Or, if they even have poor posture. Everything from the mattress and pillow we use to sleep, our car seats and the chairs we sit in every day at work, all play a role in our posture.”

The Window to the Spine

Many chiropractors call posture the “window to the spine.” Experienced chiropractors can look at a posture and identify the position of the spine within. For example, a common checkup is making sure the ears, hips and shoulders are level. If not, there is likely misalignment. Forward Head Posture is a common problem that affects millions of people; often those who spend many hours in front of a computer every day suffer from this condition. Feet, legs and stance are also indicative of posture.

The Damage Caused

Chiropractors understand that poor posture can lead to spinal degeneration, bulging and herniated discs, sleeping disorders, breathing problems, digestive problems, headaches and hunch backs.  For this reason, the team of chiropractors has set out to educate San Francisco.

“As a chiropractor in San Francisco, it is my responsibility to educate my community on the damaging effects of poor posture. That’s why we are here,” Dr. Davis said.

Posture Awareness Week Executive Express Chiropractic will offer free posture exams and digital foot scans, a home posture improvement kit, exercise recommendations and sleeping position advice.

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