Fresh & Easy In the Bay Area

On Wednesday, Fresh & Easy announced that it will be hiring 270 people over the next few months, to work in the upcoming Bay Area Stores. 20-25 people will be employed at each of the 12 stores. The stores will be located in Concord, Danville, Pacifica, Walnut Creek, Modesto, Pleasanton, Vacaville, Hayward, Napa, San Francisco and two in San Jose.

Apparently, the company intends to expand even more. Recently, Fresh & Easy Property Co. bought a 1.2 acre lot in Vallejo for $1.5 million. There are many other grocers who have also begun moving into the Bay Area, like Kroger-Owned Foods Co., Sprouts Farmers Market and Henry’s Farmers Market.

Fresh & Easy is doing what it can do encourage people to work there. Spokesman Brendan Wonnacott explained that they “offer competitive pay, which includes a quarterly bonus of up to 10 percent. All Fresh & Easy employees are given the opportunity to work at least 20 hours per week, which entitles them to comprehensive and affordable health care.”

James Gaglione, a broker with Terranomics stated that “Fresh and Easy will be a great retailer in the Bay Area.”

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