GE Sets Up Software Business in the Bay Area

General Electric has recently taken an interest in the software business, and has decided to set up its home base in the Bay Area.

GE has announced its new $1 billion Global Software Center in San Ramon, which opened 00 new jobs in the Bay Area. The center aims to “speed the pace of innovation, collaboration and commercialization of new technologies.”

“We need to make this investment, and make it here, because this is where the talent is, and because so much innovation happens here,” explained Bill Ruh, GE vice president.

Located in the Bishop Ranch Complex, the facility is 225,000 square feet, and will act as the company’s “nerve center”. There, it will develop software applications for its corporate customers.

Ruh added that the center will “sit above all of GE businesses and drive the company to take advantage of all the (technological) changes we see around us.”

“Our goal is to develop a new generation of intelligent systems that can predict and respond to changes,” he continued. “As we do this, GE will look to be recognized as a great software company.”

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