Golden Gate Bridge to Switch to Electronic Toll System

The Golden Gate Bridge’s Board of Directors has voted to transform the toll system to one that is purely electronic. The system is expected to change by 2012, and the process will begin as early as September. By eliminating 28 full and part time jobs, the Golden Gate Bridge District hopes to save $16 million over the next few years.

The new system will include the FasTrack program which is already being used by almost two thirds of the Golden Gate drivers, with the addition of cameras able to snap photos of license plates of cars which are not programmed with the FasTrack operation. Bills will then be mailed to the registered car owner.

Numerous toll takers protested the change. Ben Ramirez said “People will still stop and want to ask questions. You need us on the bridge.”

Bridge drivers are also less than enthusiastic about the electronic tolls. Philip Hynes, a resident og San Anselmo said “This is a world famous bridge, and you need a human face. You need people in those toll booths to greet people.  

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