Granite Lady to Be San Francisco History Museum

San-Francisco-MintGranite Lady, the indestructible 100,000 square-foot Old Mint was built in 1874. The building hasn’t really been used since 1937, and the city has plans transform the structure into a museum of the history of San Francisco. It has survived incredible earthquakes and infernos which took place throughout the history of the place.

The enormous building is built around a courtyard which provides sunlight to the many offices, rooms and factories throughout. Once, over 200 people worked their 24/7, mostly in the production of coins, and hundreds of bags of these coins were counted daily. The Old Mint was guarded at all times, and was a fortress of itself; sitting on a huge concrete and granite foundation, with walls two and a half feet thick. The Mint was bought by San Francisco from the federal government in 2003 for one dollar- a silver coin pressed in the mint in 1879.

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