Green City Getting Greener

San Francisco has always been known for being green.  And what’s even more impressive about this region is that it continues to work hard to improve on its already envious green record.  In recent news in the Bay area, it was reported that Shell Energy North America has received initial approval on a five-year deal (of close to $20m) that would enable SF residents to get all of their power from renewable sources.  A second vote is still needed before it goes to Ed Lee though.

While this is indeed great news for the environment, there are those that will not be too happy about this decision, such as Pacific Gas and Electric Co., that, until now, has enjoyed a total monopoly on SF’s consumer power market.  Should this go ahead, it could lead to city-owned renewable power production as well.

SF’s Green History

This news shouldn’t be all that surprising. After all, San Francisco has had a long history of being green.  In other current news, Judge Teri L. Jackson upheld the ban on non-compostable plastic checkout bags to all retail stores and food places.  For other bags, customers will be charged 10 cents.

In 2007, San Francisco was the first in America to have implemented a prohibition on checkout bags made of plastic in retail pharmacies and large supermarkets.   The idea behind this is to encourage customers to re-use bags.  That is why any bags that supermarkets provide will come at a charge of 10 cents each.

Just these two snippets of green action on behalf of San Francisco, clearly indicate that it is continuing to move forward in its attempt at saving and protecting the environment as much as possible.

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