Hard Assets Conference in San Francisco

The Hard Assets Investment Conference recently took place in San Francisco. Mining executives, market analysts, individual and institutional investors participated in the event. Over 200 companies were present.

Two of the main speakers were Rick Rule, the owner of Global Resource Investments, and James Dines of The Dines Letter. Both men spoke of the rebound of Uranium in the market, as an alternative to fossil fuels, as well as the continuing strength of gold.

Rule’s presentation was titled “Contrarian or Victim, the Choice Is Yours,” and focused on investment strategies for the individual. He encouraged the participants not to be swept into buying commodities that have already reached their peak, but to invest in things that have yet to become popular. Dines agreed. The latter focused primarily on rare earth elements. He stated that investments that are “brand new, unknown or hated” are the ones to look for.

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