10,000 Jellyfish Beached in San Francisco

Jelly-FishEarlier this week, tens of thousands of jellyfish were found washed up on the shores of Ocean Beach in San Francisco. The phenomenon was described as looking like “a cobblestone walkway made of jellyfish.” The jellyfish covered a stretch of beach that is around three miles long and twenty feet wide. The jellyfish are of a common breed; moon jellyfish.

A National Park Service spokesman explained that they believe a large swell that occurred overnight might be responsible. These beachings are not unheard of, as strong swells and tides can pull jellyfish onto the beach with ease. Jellies often are found in large numbers, which makes this occurrence even more plausible. A similar incident occurred seven years ago, with by-the-wind sailor jellyfish instead of the moon ones which were seen this week.
Currently, there is no planned cleanup of the beach, as the high tides are expected to pull the gelatinous bodies back into deeper waters.

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