Kvänum San Francisco Stays Green

Kvanum San FranciscoKvänum San Francisco is the only retail outlet for high-end Swedish cabinets in the United States, and is one of the leading customized interior design companies in the world today. Working with a ‘green’ goal, the company recently reiterated their guidelines on the matter. The environmentally-friendly building and design policies include:

  • “Working for a better environment is an ongoing and highly prioritized venture that is fully integrated in primary business activities in organizations, areas of responsibility, and routines.”
  • “Environmental work is distinguished by an ambition to implement improvements on an ongoing basis, with highest priority given to the areas that generate the greatest environmental impact.”
  • “Employees receive appropriate training and motivation to work in the most environmentally responsible manner possible.”
  • “Goals and results are followed up quantitatively and are fully accessible so as to highlight and confirm input.”
  • “The company works to ensure that the purchase of raw materials, internal production processes, and selection of suppliers and freight carriers are all carried out with an appropriate balance between environmental concerns and financial goals.”
  • “Products hazardous to employees or to the environment are stored and handled in such a way as to minimize the risk of accidents.”
  • “The company maintains good relations with authorities, and follows all applicable laws and directives very closely.”

Natalia Nordström, owner of Kvänum San Francisco said “With a love of wood so deeply rooted in the company’s value base, and with Mother Nature so close at hand, it is only natural for us to care for the environment.”

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