Lowe’s Opens in San Francisco

Lowe's Home Improvement StoreLowe’s home improvement store has finally opened on Bayshore Boulevard in San Francisco after heavy debates. The store is incredibly large; it is almost the size of two football fields. This is one of the few big-box retail stores to open in San Francisco in quite a while. Some people are hoping that this will bring about an economic revival in the area, which is considered by many to be the home improvement district.

Numerous Bayshore merchants expect that a store like Lowe’s will draw residential customers as well as contractors to the area. Others are of the opinion, however, that, being a big-box retailer, Lowe’s will lure customers away from smaller businesses, and that lost jobs and taxes won’t be compensated.
Store Manager Gina Meacham has said that the store has already hired over 200 people, many of whom are locals.

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