‘Magical’ Disney Store Opens in San Francisco

Molly Adams - Disney Store General ManagerThis past week, Disney Store unleashed the technological creativity of the Bay Area with the opening of its new store in San Francisco, California. The store is incredibly unique and imaginative in its design, with ground-breaking projection of Disney animations, lights and colors onto enormous, polypropylene ‘magical trees’, which spring up all around the store. These incredible trees have become the signature icon for the new stores, as they give life to Disney’s most beloved stories in a most unique and effective way. The store is built around a two-story Lucite tree in tribute to San Francisco’s nearby forests.

Molly Adams, the general manager of Disney Store North America says that Disney Store has returned to San Francisco “with a new design that complements the creativity and innovation that the city is known for”. She says that the design team was inspired by the architecture in and around the city, and used it to create an experience that is both Disney and San Francisco friendly.

Multiple technologies have enabled the team to create exclusive interactive experiences such as a Magic Disney Mirror, Lucite Magical Trees, a Disney Store Theater and more. The entire 6,400 square-foot, two-story building features environmentally-focused features like eco-friendly paint, and flooring made from 100% recycled materials.

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