Megamind’s Metro City Closely Resembles San Francisco

Most of the time, when it comes to art and entertainment, the origin of certain pieces is almost ridiculously apparent. Paintings, movies, stories, you name it- it is easy to spot the similarities between the creator’s interests and familiar surroundings and the environment or theme of their creation. DreamWorks’ films, however, have been an exception until now. Of course, it is hard to disguise bay windows and high-speed railways in a movie that takes place on an African island, in an ant hill or in the kingdom of Far Far Away.

The new movie “Megamind”, is a whole new ball game. It takes place in Metro City, a metropolis by the sea with much in common with San Francisco; the City Hall, the overpasses throughout the city, the atmosphere and even the locals’ walks! Director Tom McGrath claims that these similarities were inevitable. “You are what you eat,” he said.

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