Nation-Wide Rise in Gas Prices

AAA Northern California has reported that gas prices are increasing throughout the U.S., and especially in the Bay Area. Bay Area residents are currently paying around $3.23 per gallon for regular gasoline, which is five cents more than last month. The average price in California is $3.14 per gallon, which is the third-highest in the country. Last year, a gallon cost $2.99.

The nation-wide average is $2.86 per gallon, an increase of 20 cents since last year. The AAA claims that this is a result of higher demand which affected the jump in U.S. crude oil stockpiles. AAA explains that the stockpile was actually at 368.2 barrels, the highest it’s been since May, 2009, but the 2.7 million barrel drawdown was enough to impact the reserves.

Eureka, California has the highest rate in the lower 48 states, but the highest rate in the country is in Wailuku, Hawaii, where the gallon costs $3.92.

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