Optimizing the Financial Close

Silicon Valley Accountants and Highland Software are launching a series of events which they have called “Optimizing the Financial Close”. Silicon Valley Accountants is a financial and accounting consulting firm. They work to improve their customers’ results by enhancing business practices, as well as offering additional consulting services like global tax restructuring, audit management and more.

Founding Principal of Silicon Valley Accountants Gabe Zubizarreta explained that “Accounting and Finance departments are under continual pressure to report numbers faster and more accurately. A rapid close is an indicator of good corporate governance and effective financial professionals. But faster numbers aren’t enough. New regulatory rules require that the numbers be more accurate and verifiable. Given the current economic climate, few companies can afford to increase resources. Instead, accounting and finance departments are asked to work harder. There is a better way.” To help others reach this goal, Highland Software will be presenting a new solution at the events.

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