Outdoor San Francisco Activities

bacon-beerSince there was a much welcome break from the rain the Bay area earlier this month, San Franciscans no doubt wanted to make the most of it and get outdoors.  Thankfully there are some great San Francisco activities outdoors that looked really fun last week.

The entire month of March is witness to plenty of San Francisco activities to mark the first Bay Lights Anniversary.  At 7 on Thursday evening, the lights dimmed, and then 10 minutes later KFOG and 97.7 broadcasted “Lights On!” countdown accompanied by a 20 minute soundtrack. Friday saw volunteers from SF Bike Party leading the ride through the city as well as a kickoff event from Ben Davis, of Illuminate the Arts.

For art lovers in the Bay area, “In Dreams,” features over 50 artists with their interpretation of David Lynch films.  Then there is the Sean McFarland/Jake Longstretch Show, the Daniel Grant/Rachelle Reichert Paring (which will take place at the SFMOMA Artists Gallery).

For foodies (and beer lovers) the Bacon and Beer Festival is a must.  What can be better than eating and drinking these two things together?  East Bay hosted the Oakland Grown, Bison Organic Beer and Eat Boston, where one can sample from Grand Lake Kitchen, Bacon Bacon and more.

So there really have been a lot of San Francisco activities for natives and tourists to enjoy, to benefit from the great outdoors.

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