Global Warming at the Bay

Due to the effects of global warming, it seems like there is bad news for Ocean Beach.  It looks like it will probably sink.  So that’s not great.  But there isn’t just doom and gloom on the horizon for those living there…especially when you compare it to what could go down in Southern California. 

So let’s look at the bad news first: Ocean Beach will likely sink, thanks to global warming. But the good news is, it won't be nearly as bad as it will for those living down in Southern California.  According to a study undertaken by the state department of Boating and Waterways, reported in the LA Times, “rising sea levels could deal big economic damage to California beaches in the form of hundreds of millions of dollars in lost tourism and tax revenue.”

<h2>San Francisco Impacts</h2>

So what does this mean for San Francisco?  Not such bad news apparently.  According to Philip King, SF State economist, the bay area is not about to lose all that much recreational value when the seas rise.  The problem with Ocean Beach is that temperatures there are usually lower than other areas in San Francisco, with harsher winds and foggier days, even in the summer time.  There can be dangerous swimming conditions which could make going to the beach somewhat unpleasant.  Looking at the situation with pessimistic glasses though, San Francisco could incur a loss of $8.4m in recreational value within the next four decades with sea levels increasing above the two meter mark.

So hold on to your hats Frescos.  Take care and watch out for global warming issues.

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