New Picasso Exhibition Opens in the de Young Museum

The “Picasso: Masterpieces from the Musee National Picasso, Paris” exhibition is opening this weekend at San Francisco’s de Young Museum.

La Mort de Casagemas

One of the first paintings visitors will see is the La Mort de Casagemas, an oil painting of Picasso’s close friend Carlos Casagemas, lying dead in a coffin, self-afflicted gunshot would apparent at his temple. According to Timothy Anglin Burgard, the curator of American Art at the museum, this experience may have been the turning point of  Picasso’s career, leading him into the ‘Blue Period.’

A “Diary”

The death of Casagema was apparently a significant moment in Picasso’s life, and the painting of his death remained with the artist until his death. The de Young exhibit focuses mainly on around 150 works such as this, which were generally kept hidden from public view. The collection has been described as a “diary” by one of the curators.

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