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For those living in the Bay who have always intended to get a business card but for whatever reason have never quite gotten around to it, InstaCards could be the solution. The company behind these mega-easy-to-make digital business cards – CardFlick – may be on to something with this new piece of technology. 

The reason for the potential success of this idea, is that even those who are not so Internet-savvy or technologically-inclined will not find it difficult to create their own digital cards.  It literally, just takes three clicks, and a stunningly personalized design (using image data from Instagram photos or Facebook), is made that can be virtually distributed amongst all one’s contacts.  The idea behind this new invention is to make things easier for those who want to share their business (or personal) information with their contacts on line, in a professionally-looking manner.  A well, it gives the card “creator” the ability to promote their personal style, but at the same time, makes it easy enough for even the most non-creative individual to put their vision into a display (via the card).

InstaCards – Instant Success?

It seems that the idea has already taken off really well and been successful for the CardFlick company. Initial reports have shown that those who are using InstaCards to create cards are sharing them five times more than those who used the earlier version that was available with CardFlick.  This shouldn’t be too surprising though, given that the emphasis on this new technology is the ease and speed, which provides more people with greater access.  For example, as Angie Kannada tweeted, she was able to produce her card “in about 3 seconds.”  It might not be the most amazing business card ever, but for three seconds work, it is certainly impressive enough.  As well, another Tweeter, Kate Camp pointed out, this makes for “an interesting combo of social media and business cards.”

So it seems that pretty much all one needs to create a shareable business card, is three seconds of time, a Facebook/Instagram account (or even just have the ability to access images from one’s hard drive), and the dream to create a card.  It’s literally as easy as one, two, click!

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